NCSC Projects

Criteria of Good Projects

A project needs to satisfy following criterion to be adjudged as a good NCSC project;

    • Originality and innovativeness of the topic
    • Understanding the problem and to find the possible solution using methods of science and its application through experimentation
    • Quality and quantity of work, including team work, learning process, methods of science applied, experimentation and validation
    • Relevance of the proposal to the community/school and impact of the study on the schoolmates and/or community.

    The Project should follow the steps of SMART approach


    Specific: The subject/issues of study must be specific.


    Measurable: The issues of study must be measurable in quantitative /qualitative forms so that the component of comparability is maintained.


    Appropriateness: Methodology must be appropriate to nature of the issues considered for the study.


    Realistic: The issues of the study must be realistic along with the methodology adopted for the purpose.


    Time bound:     Study must be carried out in a limited time frame. The project activities should not destabilize normal activity /schedule of the child.