Inclusive Approach

NCSC since inception has been an inclusive programme where children irrespective of gender, language social and geographical background and also with children with disabilities (CWD) had been participating.

      • Language: They can use any scheduled language for communication. However, special attention will be given to the children who would be communicating through sign language or if necessary the escort can facilitate the interpretation.
      • Presentation: The children with disability are allowed to present their projects through oral presentation along with a written project report, similar to the children under normal category. So, some of the visually impaired children will prepare their written reports in Braille, and in that case during oral presentation that child will be provided with the help of an aide / assistant. In all other cases normal existing procedure will be followed.
      • Time: The maximum time allotted for oral presentation is 8 minutes but for the children with disability that might be relaxed. Depending upon the number of projects the time allocation will be decided and notified.
      • Evaluation: At least one of the evaluators must be a special educator, who understands the needs and limitations of these children. Other members of the evaluation team in the room should also be compassionate and empathetic to the presenters.