NCSC Projects

Points to remember
  • The project work of NCSC must be carried out in a systematic way so that it can rightly reflect the method of science in the works.
  • The issue(s) must be studied with designed experiment using simple methods of science.
  • In case of experimental works, design and principle of the experiments are very important factors which may help to get a better result in a rational way. Repetition (replication) of the study is important to draw the meaningful inference/conclusion. In such case parameters of observation and verification through the experiment and its logical selection must be reflected vividly along with sets of control and approach of data validation.
  • Surveys should be scientifically designed and data collection with sufficient sample size and data verification/triangulation processes are to be followed. The scope of the study, criteria of selection, sample coverage, design of questionnaire or interview schedule are very important along with approach of data compilation, validation, analysis and interpretation.
  • Prototype, functional models or development of instrument or devices are only encouraged to be used in project presentation if issues and methods of study demands for such and only in cases where adequate data has been generated by using the prototypes/models.
  • Under no circumstances NCSC projects should make use of live animal samples and should not have ethical problems. With respect to conducting experiments or surveys, standard procedures are to be followed. The Guide should take extra care not to commit any mistakes and should take expert advice from senior researchers in his/her area in case of any doubts. No child scientist should be put to any dangerous situations or exposed to hazardous substances and always it is better to have a supervisory role of a responsible elderly person while experiments are conducted. Any ethical issues if detected would amount to the rejection of the project.