NCSC Projects


You have to prepare 4 (four) posters or charts displaying the details of the project work, including methodology, findings etc. The size of the poster (chart) should be 55cm x 70cm. Prepare the poster in a systematic way such that the same may be exhibited in the specific site after your presentation. If more than 4 (four) posters (chart) are prepared, then the additional poster (chart) will not be evaluated. You may also take help of photographs (not exceeding four) depicting your observations/findings in the project report.
The posters should contain bulleted points of information on :
(1) The project title,
(2) Names of the group members,
(3) Objectives,
(4) Map of the area, if any,
(5) Methodology,
(6) Results,
(7) Conclusion,
(8) Solution to the problem. 
At the national level, it is always better to have the posters prepared either in English or Hindi. The guide teachers and the State Academic Coordinators may please ensure this larger outreach to all the participants at the national level.
Power point presentations
In addition to the posters, if needed 4-5 power point slides may be used in addition, though this will neither carry any additional weightage nor any additional time will be allotted for presenting the slides/ppt. These presentations should be brought in a virus-free USB drive along with the fonts used in the presentation in case they are not common fonts. Anyhow, it cannot be assured that the multimedia presentations be allowed in case of technical problems.