NCSC Projects

Survey based Projects

A properly framed survey-based project must follow the following mandatory steps:-

    • Identification of respondent
    • Location mapping
    • Unit of observation
    • Sampling technique
    • Sample coverage /size (which should be representative of the population under consideration)
    • Design of interview schedule /questionnaire
    • Analysis and interpretation of gathered information
    • Drawing inference/conclusion

Surveys should, therefore be elaborate, comprehensive and should be aided with additional techniques like participatory mapping /appraisal techniques, focus group discussions, etc. Care should be taken that surveys do not get reduced to mere filling-up of pre-designed questionnaires which are done mechanically without any cross-checking and/or active participation of the respondents. Such decisions may vary with the nature of study. So, carrying out a scientifically designed survey is a process where proper investment of time and effort is required to design the process and to make it a participatory one.

Experiment based Projects

In case of experiment based projects the following important steps are important:-

    • Choosing objectives of study
    • Design of the experiment
    • Defining different parameters
    • Identification of proper instruments
    • Framing of procedures/ steps and control
    • Repetitive observation of the experiments
    • Data recording, classification, tabulation and processing
    • Analysis and interpretation
    • Drawing inference/conclusion

In relation to issues of the study, experiment may be either laboratory or field based. Scientifically designed and executed surveys also can be considered at par experimental based projects; as both of these generate scientific data which could be scientifically processed to arrive at conclusions/inference.

Combination of survey and experimental based process

As stated earlier an ideal NCSC project could have a combination of survey and experimental based process. Such consideration will strengthen the project methodology and also will strengthen the skills of the children.